Different uses?

Can you remember last using a telephone box? No I don’t suppose you can, I certainly can’t remember a specific instance. In fact I can probably remember using the “old type” with “A” and “B” buttons better than, what I refer to as the “new ones”.

The “old type” allowed you to call someone and only pay if it was the correct number. Pressing button B to get your money back. 4 old pennies I think. Pressing button A connected the call I believe.

Ah! heady days.

So, back to this post. Here I am going to refer to “new” phone boxes or perhaps newer ones than those at the beginning. Anyway, during a weekend break, I stumbled across two that had been put to different uses. One in the city centre and the other out in the country. Both seemed to offer very useful services and showed a degree of enterprise that one doesn’t see very often. Interestingly I saw a third option, but didn’t have my camera with me at the time. Perhaps I need to visit again. I’ll tell you what it was after the photographs.

Different uses Different uses 1

The one that got away had a small library installed.


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  1. Jim Grey says:

    What innovative uses for those old phone boxes.

    Here in the States, the boxes have all but disappeared.

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