About me!

A little about me and the reason for blogging.

To start I am fortunate in that I love travelling. This takes me to lots of terrific places in the UK, either for a days visit or a weekend break, then annually a trip over to the USA where it is not unheard of to drive perhaps 2,500 miles or more in a two and half week visit touring different States from East Coast to West Coast and all those places in between. In general terms the visits are to different places although it has been known to revisit some of the more enjoyable places.

Blogging. I started using iWeb. Generally because it was so easy to get started and create fairly good and interetsing pages. However, it is understood that Apple will be dropping the hosting of the weblog site, although, iWeb software could still be used if hosted elsewhere. I thought maybe that was the way to go but it would probably mean tying myself to a host site! Too much of a chalenge at this stage. So I started looking at alternatives. Ended up with either blogger or wordpress. Well as you can see WordPress won.

The difficulty is now I have to master, in my own very small way, how to make use of the “new” system, because it is different, believe me.

Oh! I nearly forgot — the reason to blog, for me, is an attempt to share with friends and family some of the things I do and places that I go whilst away from home.



4 Responses to About me!

  1. Sartenada says:

    I see that You love driving as me also. I love driving fast on German “autobahnen” where there are no speed limits!

    • traveller858 says:

      Sartenada, Thanks for the comment.

      Ah! the thrill of speed! We have left all that very much behind in the UK as there are so many speed restrictions and Police checks that you end up “fined” a great deal or get banned from driving.

      No my love of driving is more to do with the actual drive, the scenery etc.

  2. Hey Barry, thanks for stopping by to check out my blog, I hope that you enjoyed what you saw, looking forward to seeing more of your posts,

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